Christmas is Near Rev. John Shaw December 18, 2022

We have lighted the Candles on the Advent wreath– HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE and we now anxiously await the time to light the CHRIST CANDLE.
Born in a manger, how terrible. Yet there was no room in the Inn. If you have ever been to an inn on any kind of holiday you know how crowded it can be, and quite noisy.  So the manger was the perfect place. The animals are fed well and they would be making the surroundings warm, and with little noise.
What does that have to do with today? During the service of Communion, the words of Christ are said, “Eat this bread and drink of this cup and do so in remembrance of ME until I return.” He told His disciples and tells us He will return.  Until that time it our responsibility to Live for Him. He lives within our hearts. We have to give the world the Hope and Peace and Joy and Love that is Christ.
We don’t need to have government bodies or anyone in particular tell us how we should live with others. All we need to do is love by the Bible. In this country, officials take an oath of office on a Bible. I wonder if they know what’s inside the cover.
                                                     Christmas is Near
                                             The Child in the manger
                                             Full of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love
                                             Bringing God to those who wish
                                             Bring God to all through Love
                                             Preaching Hope, Peace, Joy and Love
                                             Healing those who ask
                                             Giving of His Life for others
                                             You and Me, Sisters and Brothers.
                                                   Christmas is Near