Our Team


Marie Rochon – Office administrator


Karen Bickford – Clerk

Joan Greenwood – Treasurer

Ron Stead – Moderator

Jim Mousseau – Vice Moderator

Leah Murphy – Sunday School Superintendent

Members at Large:  Dave Sauer, Jim Mousseau, Cindy Bradway

Liaisons on Council:

Missions – Deanna Murphy

Building & Grounds – Terry Bickford

Christian Formation – Leah Murphy

Deacons – Amy Peterson

Deacons: Amy Peterson, Jeri Stead, Karen Bickford, Janice Fortin, Heather Beauregard, Linda Polissack

Board of Trustees: Jeri Stead, Amy Peterson,  Christine Rudge

Pastoral Support/Relations Committee:  Dave Sauer, Ron Stead, Leah Murphy, Janice Fortin, Heather Beauregard

Social Media

Website: Audrey Rossow and Janice Fortin

Facebook:  Karin Assad and Leah Murphy