Pastor Elva

Reverend Elva Merry Pawle, Pastor

Rev. Elva Merry Pawle begins her ministry with us on September 4. A graduate of Duke University and Andover Newton Theological School, she has served churches in eastern and western Massachusetts for nearly two decades. Here is how Pastor Elva describes her approach to ministry:

“My ministry is grounded in a deep conviction that we are made in the image of God. Since God is love, we reflect God’s image when we live in loving relationship, making connections with one another that convey God’s compassion and care. These interpersonal connections can be as simple as a kind greeting to the clerk in the supermarket, or as profound as a conversation between friends who have known each other many years. I believe that churches are, so to speak, schools for loving relationships. In worship and fellowship, we experience God’s love in Jesus Christ, and we learn how to share that love with others.”

Pastor Elva is the mother of three adult children. Her immediate family includes a daughter and son in law, and two sons and a daughter in law. She is also the grandmother of three granddaughters and one grandson.